Human Resource Management System

Benefits of Human Resource Management system

A Human Resource Management System is a Combination of System and Process that unites HR and IT through Human Resource Management System. A Human Resources Management System is an application that holds the Human Resources functions, including Payroll, Recruiting and training, performance analysis and review into one package.

Functions of HRMS include:

  • Payroll
  • Employee Attendance
  • Leave Management
  • Timesheet Maintenance
  • Recruitment
  • Performance Analysis & Appraisals
  • Schedule Management
  • HR Analytics

Characteristics of Human Resource Management System:

  • Flexible:
    Ability of a software to consolidate with the Business process of HR team.
  • Comprehensive:
    A Complete HR Software should support all the major HR Functionalities.
  • Automation:
    The main aim of HR Software is to make the Manual process, an automated one. A good HR Software has the Automation Processes with Well-formed Workflow.
  • Scalability:
    The HR Software must be Quantifiable because an Organization Expands as time passes.


  • High speed Data Processing and Retrieval.
  • Availability of reliable and timely data about human resources.
  • Better analysis for effective decision making.
  • Meaningful career planning and counseling at all levels.
  • Improved quality of reports.
  • Improved Change Management approach

Other Key Benefits of an HR Management System are :

  • Reliable payroll processing
  • Accurate statutory reports
  • Manage Employees efficiently
  • Helps in Appraisal
  • Replication of Data is avoided
  • Improved employee satisfaction

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