Body Massage in Chennai


Improve your mood

The chair massage increases endorphins production in the body which is your body’s natural “feel good” chemical due to massage. The mood of the body can be improved more and more.

Reduce stress and anxiety

The recent study shows that Massage in Chennai reduces stress on physical and psychological levels by lowering cortisol levels, heart rate, blood pressure and insulin levels. The anxiety and stress can be reduced while increasing productivity and alertness. This chair massage also releases Serotonin and dopamine levels which helps the body overcome chronic or habitual stress. This massage also enhances measurable EEG brain activity in adults in which the adults performed more quickly and accurately in mathematical testing after receiving the massage.

Better sleep

Massage therapy boosts your serotonin levels as noted above which the brain can convert to the sleep hormone called Melatonin. So, you can enjoy a blissful night’s sleep. 

Improve cardiovascular health

Research about 10 years shows massage can serve as a powerful complementary treatment for blood pressure and lowering stress which are the two major contributors of heart disease. Massage therapy also may reduce anxiety, pain and muscular tension in cardiac surgery patients. This chair Massage SPA in Chennai is also used for hypertensive women.

Manage lower back pain

Lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide and about one in ten people have it and for many who develop back pain, it becomes a chronic condition. Researchers study 104 people with continuous back pain who were referred by their doctors to licensed massage therapists.

Lessen headaches

Due to poor posture, some people always have tension headaches, a sore back or tight neck or constantly straining your eyes. This chair massage helps to loosen tight muscles to reduce that pain and tension and improves the flow of the blood. International journal of Neuroscience found that the chair massage reduces pain, sleep disturbances, and distress symptoms. One study showed that more headache free days increase in serotonin levels. 

Spark creativity

By relaxing the mind, this massage opens your mind. Now, you can think more clearly and get a better option of the problem you are trying to solve. This massage also releases all the “feel good” chemical hormones.

Boost immunity

This massage also strengthens the immune system especially during winter months by increasing the level of the body’s while blood cells activity which fights viruses and also destroys natural killer cells.

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