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Are you going to attend IIT JEE entrance examination? IIT Entrance examination is conducted every year for the admission of B.E and courses across the country. In India, around 2.5 lakhs student appear for the entrance examination but only 5000 students are selected. The joint entrance examination is conducted by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). IIT entrance examination is to select the student based on the knowledge and skills of the student. All know that IIT entrance examination is difficult but not an impossible one. To get into IIT you need to prepare well as much as possible. For your guidance, you may the best coaching for IIT.

IIT JEE entrance examination is conducted and regulated by Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE).IIT JEE entrance examination has two papers. The time of one paper is three hours. The IIT entrance examination is one of the prestigious examinations in India. The pattern of the IIT entrance exam is not fixed. In last three years, the pattern is the questions are from your higher secondary class syllabus. The subjects you need to concentrate for IIT entrance examination is Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. To make your preparation effectively you may choose one of the best IIT Coaching in Chennai. I think following tips are helpful in your preparation.

  1. Try to solve a question within a time. If the question takes more time to answer then skip the question and attend the question last.
  2. Don’t guess any answer for the question you don’t know. Because you will get negative marks for your wrong answer.
  3. Try to solve the number of mock questions as much as possible. It helps you to improve your performance as well as your time for solving a question.
  4. Do not mug up the answer for the question you may not know. Try to understand the concept so you can able to answer for any type of questions.
  5. You can study for 4 hours a day. You may manage time by preparing a timetable for your preparation and for your test.
  6. You need mentally prepare for the examination. For that, you may do yoga and Exercise every day.

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