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Interior design should imitate the character of the owner of the space that is being decorated, not the interior designer. Your space is about you, not about someone else. A good decorator should also be a good judge of character and should be able to listen, not just talk. This is why all those interior decoration reality shows are so galling and so overdone. You should never have someone come to your place and redo your whole home in their explicit taste. You must recognize what you want before you call in an interior designer to help you. There are many Best Interior Designers In Bangalore who satisfies customer requirements.

Contemporary style

This style is most frequently defined by a modest style. Bright colors and light are often included not just to give a modern sense of the space, but also to make it seem wider. Visually increasing small spaces is a unique trend in contemporary style design. Furnishings are imaginary to project clean and crusty outline through their smooth gloss finishes.

Traditional style 

The Old days are reflected through this style. Images of old homes come to mind when we speak of conventional interior design. Conventional drapery, darker colors and bulkier furniture is a method to the traditional. Furniture pieces frequently have overlapping of straight and bowed lines. They feature smooth angles and gentle curves. Classic furniture and garnishes often give conventional style a calm, familiar and well-organized sense.

Eclectic Style 

This is a mixture of styles. For example, you take modern or contemporary furniture and you mix it with traditional style drapes. Eclectic style can also be a blend of different cultures or time periods. Everything done here is deliberate. This type of design is used in many modern homes. Some have done it tenaciously, others by mistake.

Budgetary style

This one is my favorite, due to the requirement. There are astonishingly good designers that can do wonders with a small budget. Creating inexpensive space is not an easy task. Sure, we can all go to a certain Swedish furniture store and buy a bunch of identical furnishings.

Accessibility style 

This interior design style is possibly more recent than modern style. The focus here is on creating spaces that are used and enjoyed by people with disabilities. Mostly celebrated for wheelchair convenience for buildings, kitchens, and bathroom functionality, this style is very useful.

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