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Call Quality Monitoring Services

Call monitoring is a perception about how an Organization performs its task when it comes to lead conversion on Phone. With a Quality Call Monitoring, you’ll be able to achieve more business goals and bloom your revenue.

If you are not aware of how well the Leads are converted into sales or hanging up without leads, you will stick. In this state, you will not beware of how your Organization meets the Customer Expectations.

Outsourcing the Call Monitoring Services gives you and Neutral insight on every Call.  You could perceive the Phone leads converted into a Successful sale or if it was a Lead that was well blown despite of Bias towards Employees or Customers.

Phases of Call Monitoring:

Monitor – Listen to the Client’s Call for the Better performance

Whisper – Speak or Escalate the Client’s issue with the Technical team

Barge – Assist the Client to deal with the Issue

How does Quality Call Monitoring work?

A customer seeks an Organization for a business purpose or related to Complaints.

The Customer’s call is answered by the Representatives of the company or Outsourcing Partners. Call Monitoring System records the call, saves the vital Information about the Clients and their Call.

At once the Call ends, it is evaluated through Call Monitoring Software.

The highly skilled professionals are assigned to the Specific Phone Calls and Listens to Recorded calls for better resolution.

Notable keys in this process are:

Who answered the phone?

What are the client’s Name, Phone and Address>

What are the Requirements of the Client?

How well the Call Representatives handles the Issue?

What is Status of the Issue?

Once the Call Representatives collects these above details, Representatives updates the Call and Subscribes the Clients to Notify via Call, Mail or other Medium.

Prior Calling the Call Analyst for Reporting Issues, An organization provides the Level0 Support, where the Clients can manage the Issues by self through the details provided in their Website.

Benefits of Call Monitoring System

  • Have a Deep Insight over the current trends.
  • Perceive the challenges in the Call Monitoring process which needs Improvements.
  • Automate the reports in the desired Formats — tabular, graphic or charts based with Up to date Information.
  • Obtain the Real time as well as Historical data in terms of Performance Analysis.
  • Utilizes the best of the Software to Monitor and resolve the Clients call and analyze the Performance of the Professionals in monitoring tedious calls.

Tips to improve Quality Call Monitoring

Make use of Information you gather from Clients.

Customer feedback, Customer support and Quality Training are essential for Quality Call Monitoring.

Time spent on monitoring the Standard of the Calls are never wasted

Benchmarking helps the Professionals to analyze their Performance with Competitors.

Maintain the self Evaluation as well as Call Evaluation Forms.

Include a Feedback process for each Call.

Some of the Quality Assurance Services Of Outsourcing Companies in India are:

  • Inbound and Outbound Quality Call Monitoring
  • Customer Service Audits
  • Agent Compliance
  • Process Compliance Audits and so on.

Benefits of Outsourcing Call Monitoring Services:

  • Provides you Timely and Reliable call evaluation and End to end support
  • Dedicated Quality Team  with Skilled Professionals
  • Unbiased Services with Dedicated QA team
  • Resources along with skilled experts results in Considerable Cost savings.
  • Obtaining the Native skilled expert’s support on your Issues gives you the deep insight to your Service Quality
    Builds a Service oriented work Culture, Performance Analysis and Change management Practices.
  • Gains customer insights and Customer Involvement that helps in the Understanding of Quality Services offered by the Organizations.

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