How Can A Hot Stone Massage Improve Your Health?

Massage is a precious treasure that our ancestors have left for us. All of us think massages are only for rich and luxurious people. They take massages only for relaxing themself. How many of us know about the exact benefits of massages?. When it comes to massages, their health benefits are incredible. There are several massages and one among them is hot stone massage. Walk into the best Spa in Newyork to get the delightful experience of a massage. If you are curious about how can a hot stone massage improve your health further read this blog. 

What is a hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage is a kind of massage that uses the practice of cold and hot stones during the massage. Earlier, this therapy was known as ‘LaStone Therapy’ and now it is called hot stone massage therapy. In this massage, the therapist will include hot stones to relax the body and mind. Mostly the temperature of the stone will be 110 and 130F. The therapist will heat the stone in a hot water, an electric pan, or in a professional stone heater. Other than these three the therapist won’t use any other method or machine to heat the stone because there may be a chance of burning. Only a professional therapist can turn your massage session into an amazing experience. Try out our Massage in New York and walk away with memorable spa moments.

How is a hot stone massage performed?

Before the session begins, the therapist will heat the stones for your massage. The common massage stones that are used during hot stone massage therapy are basalt stones and river bed stones. They both contain a high amount of iron which helps in retaining heat for a long period of time. They both differ in size, color and weight. The stones are kept in water and get heated up in an electric pan. Meanwhile, the therapist will give you some strokes and soothe the muscles. Once the massage stones get heated up, they are kept in some regions of our body like the spine, stomach, abdomen, legs, and hands. Other than the hot stones, some massage oils are also used in this massage. Before using the stone on your body the therapist will check the stone temperature by keeping it on their skin. After removing the stone, you will have a pinkish shade or mark in the place of the stone which indicates increased blood circulation. The massage almost lasts for 60 minutes which gives you a calm and relaxing feel. There are many different types of massages but this hot stone massage therapy stands out from the crowd.

The principle behind the hot stones

As the name suggests, this massage therapy consists of hot stones. But we all have that one question “why this massage includes stones during the massage”. The basic principle behind massage is that the unbalanced energy between our body and the environment gets balanced by taking a massage. The seven chakras in our body are responsible for balancing this chi energy. When the chakras are not regulated properly, there will be an imbalance in the chi flow. These hot stones help us in regulating the chakras and the chi flow. This will make you fit physically and also mentally. 

Cold stone massage 

This massage not only includes the practice of hot stones but also includes cold stones too. Marble stones are preferred for cold massage therapy which has the ability to withstand the chillness. These stones can be kept in the regions like the chest, stomach, face, palm, and legs. This massage gives you a cold effect on a hot day. As an alternative technique, the therapist will use both the cold and hot stones. This will benefit in contraction and relaxation of muscles, good blood circulation, and clears the blockages in the lymphatic system. 

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Relieves muscle pain

Most of us are looking for remedies for muscle pain on the internet. But hot stone massage has the ability to remove all the muscle pain and muscle knots. The hot stones help in contracting the muscle which makes the muscle stronger and increases the flexibility. Cold stones help in relieving muscle inflammation. You can use both stones alternatively to get both these benefits.

Relieves anxiety and stress

Stress is the major problem that all of us face. This is due to over tension, overpressure, and late-night sleep. All these lead to the high secretion of stress hormones. The basalt stones used in this massage helps in the higher secretion of happy hormones and also decrease the amount of stress hormones secretion. Cold stones have the ability to boost up the mood which reduces the feeling of anxiety. 

Promotes good sleep

Less sleep at night can lead you to a mental disorder and also lessen the functionality of your physical body organs. For better sleep, sleeping pills are not the only remedy, apart from it there are many like yoga, meditation, positive thinking, and so on. One of them is massage, this hot stone massage plays a major role in promoting sleep. Better sleep will give you a long and better life. 

Boost up immunity

Immune power protects you from all diseases and gives you a healthy body. Nowadays, most people have low immunity because of irregular sleep, food, and stress. As we all know, immune power can be increased by having healthy food, yoga, and also massages. The hot stone massage will increase the count of the RBC and WBC cell count. This increases immunity and makes our physical system strong.

Regulates Central Nervous System

The problem is the central nervous system is quite a serious one. When we get stressed or over tense the blood flow in the nerves will be high. This may cause a clot or blockage in the nervous system. If you don’t solve the issue in the nervous system, it may unbalance the functionality of some physical parts. Cold stones help the nervous system to calm down and also removes all the blockages in the nerves. 

From this blog, now you must have known about the hot stone massages and their benefits. To get these hot stone massage benefits get into the best Body massage in Los Angeles. If you are thinking of getting a hot stone massage then look into and book your appointment. By getting into the professional Spa in Los Angeles turn out your day into a blissful one.

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