How Do Body Massages Help In Our Health And Wellbeing?


Maintaining our body fit and healthy is still a dream for many people. When it comes to health, we all are more conscious about it. One of the best ways to maintain your body is by getting a massage. They are nothing but a treatment that includes techniques like hitting, tapping, kneading, soothing, effleurage, friction, rubbing, pressing, compressing and applying pressure. It includes little stretches to long strokes. Nowadays, massages are offered in spas, salons, parlours, clinics and also hospitals. If you are interested in getting a massage, know about its techniques and health benefits by entering Let us discuss how do body massages help in our health and wellbeing further in this blog.

What is body massage therapy?

Massage is a method of applying pressure on the skin surface. It can be a manual one or using a machine or tool. It is a procedure of tension, vibration and pressure. The person who performs the body massage is called a “Therapist or masseur”. The therapist will perform the massage using their hands, feet, fingers, elbow, knees, and forearm. Massage therapy is not a new one and it is followed for hundreds of years. Our ancestors believed that our body temperature get differs from the surrounding. If so, it may lead to block the energy flow in the energy channels. Massages will help you in improving your energy flow and remove all the energy blockages. To get a body Massage in Denver, walk into 

Techniques involved in massage therapy

There are many kinds of massage therapies and some of them are aromatherapy, swedish, deep tissue, balinese, acupressure, trigger point, acupuncture, prenatal and Thai massage. Let us discuss the common massage techniques and procedures. Massages are performed on a chair, table, mat or floor. Firstly, the therapist will make sure that you are comfortable. Then, the expert will start the massage by giving a soothing massage with mild pressure. The expert will put the oil in the hands and rub it to heat it. Then he/she will apply the oil to your body which will give you a relaxing feel. Stretching will be further continued by the therapist. This will remove all your old blood, debris and toxins and also allows fresh blood to enter. Then continued with further techniques


It is the first technique that is performed in all body massages. The Effleurage massage technique is nothing but sliding over the tissues in the muscles of the body. The therapist will use both hands to slide all over the skin. The pressure of effleurage differs for every massage because some massages use only low-level pressures. The massage begins with firm gliding and overs with some stretching. Body soreness and muscular knots can be relieved by getting a stroking massage.


This technique is all about giving pressure to the tissues of the muscles. This will increase the blood circulation and oxygen supply to the heart. Then the expert will squeeze, shake, hit and roll the muscles which will remove all the muscle knots. The therapist starts the massage by giving firm strokes and ends with larger strokes to remove the muscle pain. Relax your muscles by getting a massage at the best Spa in Denver.


This technique includes beat, tap, and press the muscles in the body. The percussion technique will calm down the entire nervous system of your body. This will reduce all the stress, work pressure, tension, and anxiety that we face. Some movements like strokes during the massage will be performed by the therapist that will remove the lymphatic blockages in the body. This will improve your muscle flexibility and also your range of motion.

Deep Transverse friction

This technique mainly concentrates on your muscle pain, muscle knots and muscle inflammation. Deep tissue massage and Thai massage has this technique as their main technique. It also prevents you from muscle-bone related problems. The therapist will make friction on the muscles using both the palms of the hands which align the cells in the tissues. The friction will increase the blood circulation in the body. 

Cross friction

This technique is also called Transverse friction massage or cross-fibre massage. The therapist will keep his/her hands in cross-section and massage using the thumb fingers of both hands. This cross friction will relieve body pain, cure adhesion and increase haemoglobin. The therapist will use this cross friction especially for removing the muscle knot and muscle pain. 

Common massage that helps you in improving your health

There are many kinds of massages and here let us discuss some among them. 

Swedish Massage

It is one of the massages that is commonly preferred by everyone. If you are a newcomer or a person who doesn’t like high pressure, then this massage will suit you better. This is the only massage that includes all the massage techniques during the massage session. Swedish massage helps in increasing blood circulation and supplies a sufficient amount of blood to all the organs. This massage is also known as “adrenal gland massage” because it is more beneficial for your adrenal gland. Get your Swedish massage at the best Spa in Seattle and get pampered. 

Deep tissue massage

This massage includes many high-pressure techniques like long strokes, pressing, compression, hitting, pulling and rolling. Deep tissue massage is highly recommended for muscle and bone-related problems. During the massage, the therapist will give you long strokes which will remove all the toxins and old blood from the tissues. This massage is mainly prefered by sportsperson and athletes. The happy hormones secreted during the massage session will improve your concentration on your game. If you are scared of high pressure, don’t get this massage without the therapist’s advice. Also, inform the therapist about your pressure level. 

Thai massage

Thailand is the birthplace of this Thai massage. This massage mainly focuses on the energy flow in the body. The techniques involved in this massage are stretches, strokes, acupressure and yoga position. The seven chakras in our body are responsible for the energy flow. This Thai massage will remove the blockage in the energy channels and also regulates your energy flow. In Thailand, this massage is performed in a huge room for many people simultaneously. There will be many Thai massage therapists and perform the massage for many people. This massage is highly recommended for sportspeople and people who involve in many physical activities. 

Hot stone massage

The hot stone massage includes the practice of hot stone and cold stones. The common stones that are used are metamorphic rocks, basalt stones, sedimentary stones and gemstones. These stones are placed on the trigger points that improve the function of all the organs. The common stone that is used during the massage is basalt that consists of minerals, calcium, magnesium and iron. The basalt stones have the ability to retain the heat on your skin because it contains more iron. When the hot massage stones are kept on the skin, the tissues in the muscles absorb all the nutrients from the stones. The stones will unblock the energy signals in the energy channel and also helps in balancing the energy flow. 

Balinese massage

Balinese massage is originated from a place called Bali. It is one of the full-body massages. Balinese massage includes reflexology, acupressure, stretches and the practice of essential oils. This massage includes techniques like kneading, stroking, soothing, rolling, pressing the pressure points, and hitting. The only massage that contains many techniques after Swedish massage is this Balinese massage. The massage mainly concentrated on the blood, oxygen, and energy flow in the body. If you feel tired or restless, then this massage is the best one for you. During the massage, the happy hormones are secreted that helps in boosting up your energy level. This massage uses a special kind of essential oil called “frangipani essential oil”. This essential is found only in the place Bali, Indonesia. 

Trigger point massage

Giving a massage to the trigger points in our body is called trigger point therapy. Trigger point therapy is also called myofascial trigger point therapy or neuromuscular therapy. This massage mainly focuses on removing the pain and blockages in trigger points. In this massage, the therapist will give more pressure or compress the trigger point area to relieve the pain points. The therapist will give pressure on the trigger points at least for 5 to 10 minutes. 

In this blog, we have discussed massage techniques and common massage therapies. If you are looking for a Massage in Seattle, then enter and book your massage appointment.

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