How to do web development with Python?

A web framework is the collection of packages that allows the easier development of websites.

Why to choose Python?

Let us consider some reasons for choosing the Python framework for web development.

Trusted by many large companies:

Most of the companies like Instagram, Pinterest, Bitbucket, and Dropbox use Python frameworks using Pyramid and Django in their web application.

Hides low-level details

The web frameworks are generally meant to hide and maintain the low-level details so that as a developer you could know how it works when you are developing a web-application.

Saves your time

Whenever, you are using a simple prototype of the website you can use the web frameworks which makes the life safer.


Security plays the important role in web development. It handles security, preventing the misuse of any web application.

Efficient and scalable system

Good frameworks are built to ensure scalability from the beginning of development process, so you need to plan your site by using the new component or a new database.

How to choose a right framework?

There are a number of web frameworks available; each has its own strength and weakness. The best web development company will help to choose a right framework for web development.

These are three popular web frameworks in Python.


Django is the most popular web framework and is aimed mostly for larger applications. So, you can handle things like templating, database administration, routing, and authentication and so on. You can create great applications with Django.


If you think Django is too complicated to your web application, then you can use Pyramid. The Pyramid is more flexible framework, like Django, works well at mid-high scale applications.


Flask is the micro-framework and best suited for small-scale applications. It has great features for other frameworks. It includes the features like built-in development server and unit testing that enables the user to create a reliable and most efficient web applications.

While choosing the Python Framework you need to learn about python.  You can choose some Python training institute in Chennai    to learn python completely. The most important things to consider in python framework:

  • Grasp their basic architectural knowledge
  • Create simple applications
  • Learn to debug

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