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How to Wear a Kanchipuram Saree in Your Style?

Born and raised, you must have seen your grandmother or mother conveniently wear a Kanjivaram Pattu Saree and started to wonder how they choose the appearance, blouse, items, and how they wrapped this for every event. Wearing Kanchipuram silk sarees can be difficult, however, When done correctly, there is no other item of clothing that makes you appear as graceful and ravishing as this saree.


The complexity of your creations or the magnificence of your appearance instantly reflects the type of occasion. Borderless kanjivaram saree, which is recognized for checks, lines, and beauty themes such as floral, leaves, and biota, includes Annapakshi, Rudraksha, and Gopuram, which remain out over other modern styles. Checks and expansive, highly styled borders generally complement tall and skinny body frames.


Preferably Sarees are available in a variety of color options these days, but still the original ones are brilliant yellows and shades of red, tangerines and turquoises, leafy and maroon, etc, with wide border lines. When selecting a color scheme, please note that bold colors not only catch the eye, but they also draw attention to your portrait. What you wear, but on the other hand, depends on your personal. So, if you assume you’re a happy and friendly person, don’t be afraid to wear bright yellows!


Silk and its blouse must complement each other because poor clothing can detract from the elegance of the saree. You can play around with the sequence and cloth of your blouse, but make sure it works well with your saree. There should be combined in your overall outfit, so if you’re wearing a wide-colored Kanjivaram, keep your dress simple unless you’re heading for an over sometimes lavish look for a celebration. Blouse length- Anything under your forearm makes you look wiser and more advanced, while anything quicker makes you appear more exciting. Contrast colors are popular, and that the same color scheme adds a lot of style and elegance to your appearance.

As a result, these guidelines can be applied to any bridal silk sarees to ensure their purity and durability. As a result, for good wearing, consider the practices recommended in the post.

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