IAS Exam

Preparing for IAS prelims

Doing the routine things will bring you irritating, you have to prepare for at least a period of 1 year, doing the same thing repeatedly will make you feel lazy and irritating to prepare. I will list you few steps which will be helpful for your IAS Exam preparation.

Decide the usual period you study day-to-day:

To do this simply see the duration you spent in studying during a week, then divide that by seven. If you assign 5 or 6 days per week for IAS preparation in that sense divide by 5 or 6 as the instance might be. You should have an exact or approximate number like 10 hours or 10-12 hrs per day.

IAS Exam

Begin with the number of subjects to study every day:

As you were conscious, there are only two subjects in the Prelims. Now I’m sure you can’t inspect every one of your subjects in one day, even if you offer just a little duration of time to all papers. Some persons do that, even though I don’t undertake it is a clever idea to try, make all method. As an alternative, you should take up 2 or 3 subjects at most every day, finish it totally or least of an important part of it then you can swap to different topics. This is essential as learning a subject in entire will offer you with self-assurance in your training, will allow you to manage all of the queries in an exact section completely, and help to spot your progress carefully. Keep in mind, reading newspapers or observing information programs.

Divide time between the different subjects:

Until last year, you had to prepare for one elective topic, I used to devote about 70-80 % time of the elective and balance to some part of General knowledge. Obviously, I read the newspapers every day and didn’t estimate it inside this time break up. Anyhow, now two subjects are General knowledge you might choose one topic each from subject 1 and both or go along with both papers from the same subject or one from 1st paper or 2nd  and 2 from subject 2 or subject 1 correspondingly.

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