Marriage Banquets and How Vastu Influences Marriages

Basically celebrating an event Is a prestigious issue for everyone. Peopled planned a lot to celebrate their events such as marriage function or get together functions, and birthday functions. But one important thing you have to understand before planning an event you should choose a place to celebrate you’re your grandly without having any troubles. A party halls in Velachery makes your function or any event grand success with providing a better quality of services to your Guests or clients without fail.

Marriage functions or wedding day functions are most important to the people, they want to make that day as memorable by choosing a place to full their dreams. Some of the few things we have to consider while booking a function hall or banquet near to your location by choosing a Birthday Party Halls in Velachery.

Vastu is a very common name very well known by many people of us. The Vastu mainly deals with architectural science and guides how a building should be planned to channelized positive energy in lives. The main science behind Vastu is based on the direction of buildings, things or materials used and other minor factors.

The roles of directions in Vastu

Basically, directions are the most important factor of Vastu Shastra. The building material which is placed according to proper Vastu direction helps to enhance living, bring prosperity, peace, good health and wealth of the people living.

Vastu and marriage halls

Vastu and marriage halls are somewhat or other linked together. We know that your partner for life is always fixed but have a smooth and healthy living with your partner there are many factors which contribute. for smooth and healthy leaving, Vastu Shastra can do wonders to bring positivity, love, and affection in you and you loved once by choosing Marriage Halls in Velachery.

Points to keep in mind while selecting a marriage hall

  • The shape of the marriage hall should always regular
  • The stage of the marriage halls should be placed in the west so that the couple sitting can be facing the east direction. It enhances love and brings positivity among the couple.
  • The sitting arrangement for guest is ideal in the south-west or north. This well helps enhance the happiness among the people visiting the event.
  • The entry of marriage halls should be in the east or north direction only. These directions are brought a flow of positivity to the event.
  • Parking space of marriage halls should be situated in North West or south direction. This helps with safe travel, increase wealth and money and wealth.
  • These are the main things we should mainly focus on while choosing a function hall or banquet for makes event grand success.

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