Methods to know more about Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an emerging topic now, the speed and complexity of the field keep changing the techniques with lots of features. Enroll Machine Learning course in Chennai and become an expert in this field. The other name of the machine learning algorithm is model. 

Top ten methods of machine learning. Hone your skills in these techniques:

  1. Regression
  2. Clustering
  3. Ensemble Methods
  4. Transfer Learning
  5. Natural Language Processing
  6. Classification
  7. Dimensionality Reduction
  8. Deep Learning and Neural Nets
  9. Word Embeddings
  10. Reinforcement Learning


Regression methods fall into the supervised ML category. It helps to predict  the particular numerical value. It also runs the gamut from simple (linear) to complex (regularized) regression.


A user can choose unsupervised ML because of their goal. Clustering methods don’t use output information, it particularly tests the quality for better results. Learn everything about this tool with the support of Machine Learning Training in Chennai.

Ensemble Methods

It combines several productive models to get higher quality predictions. 

Transfer Learning

It trains the neural net and adapts new data for better results.

Natural Language Processing

NLP is not a machine learning method, it helps to prepare the text for machine learning. Documents online are always in different formats (online blogs, word, pdf, etc.,) Most of these documents in missing characters, typos and much more. Popular packages like Natural Language Toolkit are created by researchers at Stanford.


It’s a supervised learning approach in which a computer program can be split in many ways.

Dimensionality Reduction

It reduces the random variable under consideration by obtaining a set of principal values.

Deep Learning and Neural Nets

A subset of machine learning in AI which helps you to get an accurate result.

Word Embeddings

It allows the words with similar meaning to have a similar representation.

Reinforcement Learning

It’s a type of learning that allows machines to determine the ideal behaviour of the content.

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