New Ways to Learn GRE Vocabulary

If you’re a GRE aspirant who is finding trouble in remembering GRE words, then you are not alone. This is a difficulty that most aspirants preparing for GRE face. With close to 3500 words in the GRE vocabulary, it does seem like a herculean task to remember all those words.

But given the importance of GRE vocabulary in your GRE online preparation, there just doesn’t seem to be an escape from them.

One important thing to note is that, GRE Verbal does not test your GRE vocabulary directly. It comes of great help while attempting the GRE Verbal section. GRE Verbal compromises of three types of questions – Reading Comprehension, Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence. When it comes to reading comprehension, knowing GRE vocabulary assists faster reading and understanding of the passage. That translates into better performance in your reading comprehension questions. Most students find time management to be one of the major issues when it comes to Reading comprehension. However, mastery of GRE vocabulary will help reduce the time you take to comprehend the passage.

When it comes to Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion, you know it is all a game how well you know your GRE vocabulary. Having great command over GRE vocabulary will ensure that you are on top of more than 60 percent of the GRE Verbal section.

Now the million dollar question is how you remember these 3500 words that come under GRE vocabulary. One of the most effective when it comes to mastering GRE vocabulary it to make use of visual aids. Making use of pictures while learning GRE vocabulary will help create an association with that word, thereby making you remember that for much longer duration. It is also scientifically proven that learning GRE words in this manner help remember them for a longer duration, as compared to rote learning of GRE vocabulary.

When building your GRE vocabulary, make sure you are spending adequate time but not pressuring yourself too much for it. Target a good set of 25-30 words for a day and stick to it. Before your GRE exam, aim to master (not just learn) at least 2000 words in your GRE vocabulary and take many GRE mock test. This will ensure that you reach your target score in GRE verbal

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