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There are four reasons why learning Spoken English is crucial.

Why is English Learning so Important?

The language of science, aviation, computing, diplomacy, and tourism is English. Knowing English boosts your chances of obtaining a decent career with a multinational organisation in your native country or finding employment overseas. It’s also the language of international communication, the media, and the internet, so learning English is crucial not only for business but also for socialising and leisure! Let’s examine the top four reasons why learning English is so crucial:

In India many students have the same problem, as per they said that “ English is very tough and it takes many years to learn this’’ but it is not like that FITA Academy provides many courses especially English, Where you can learn English very fluently with the certified experts. Who are well known and they have decades of experience in English. If you want to learn Spoken English Class in Chennai at an affordable price this is the right way to learn this language. We provide German language coaching as well.

1. English is the international language of communication

Although English is not the most widely spoken language in the world, it is the official language of 53 nations and is spoken by over 400 million people worldwide. It is not enough to be able to communicate with native English speakers; English is the most widely spoken second language in the world. If you choose to communicate with someone from another country, it is likely that you will do so in English.

The British Council predicts that by 2020, two billion individuals will be studying English around the globe. Learning English is essential since it facilitates communication with global citizens. When you study English at ELC schools, you will make friends with people from a wide variety of nations who also speak English!

2. English is the business language

English is the main business language, and speaking English has practically become a prerequisite for entering the global workforce. According to global research, cross-border business communication is predominantly performed in English, and many multinational corporations demand their staff to be fluent in the language.

In Beijing, multinational corporations including Airbus, Daimler-Chrysler, Fast Retailing, Nokia, Renault, Samsung, SAP, Technicolor, and Microsoft have enforced English as their official business language. In 2010, the Japanese corporation Rakuten, which is a mix between Amazon and eBay, mandated that all 7,100 of its Japanese employees speak English. The significance of learning English in the global marketplace cannot be overstated; learning English can truly transform your life. That is the reason students are joining either Online Speaking English Course or offline course. 

3.The ability to speak English grants access to a world of entertainment

The majority of the world’s best films, books, and music are created and published in English. Therefore, by studying English, you will have access to a vast array of entertainment options and have a deeper cultural awareness. If you speak English, you will no longer need translations or subtitles to enjoy your favourite books, songs, films, and television programmes. Watching English-language films and television programmes is also a fun and effective approach to learn the language.

At ELC, we encourage students to practise English outside of the classroom by participating in the social programme. Popular English films, sports, art galleries, museums, day trips, and historical tours are among the activities available. The programme is intended to encourage pupils to use and study English within the context of British culture. You should have frequent contact with language in a variety of circumstances, just like native English speakers do! We will provide this Spoken English Class In Coimbatore at an affordable price.

4. Learning English provides more Internet access

According to a report by Education First, the language of the internet is English. Every day, an estimated 565 million individuals use the internet, and an estimated 52 percent of the world’s most popular websites are in English. Learning English is essential because it provides access to more than half of the internet’s material. Knowing English will provide you access to billions of pages of material that you might not otherwise have!

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