Tips on Answer Writing for the UPSC exam

IAS exam is one of the hardest exam in the country. The UPSC mains is the second stage of the examination wherein aspirants have to write descriptive answers for 9 papers. Answer Writing is one of the most challenging aspects for the IAS aspirants. In this article, you can read all the tips on answer writing for the UPSC exam.

Why Answer Writing is important for the exam?

Learning to write good answers in the exam is as important as preparing the subject material. The examiner actually reads the form of your answers, what do you think and what is your ideas for the questions, and other things like society. You can join the Best Upsc Coaching In Bangalore for the best results. The professionals will tell you about the preparation.  

Basic Things to Keep in Mind:

  • You try to write an answer impressive. The examiner expects different sorts of answers for the papers. 
  • You have to write the answer in a manner. It should be precise, clear, neat, and illustrative. The examiner will try to know what you write about the typical question.

Tips for Answer Writing: 

After qualifying prelims, you need to focus on the Mains exam. You can get ideas for answer writing. If you follow the below tips:

Use Keywords and Give Complete Answers:

Try to use keywords to highlight important and scoring points in your answers. You can underline the keywords for the perfect answer. Try to take a multi-dimensional approach. You should approach the answer from 360 degrees.


Your answers should be neat and legible. You can give headings and sub-headings if it is required. You can add table or diagram for the best presentation. It will give good impression.

Simple Language and Practice:

Always try to write in simple language. You have to avoid jargon and flowery language. If you practice writing a lot of answers for all the subjects, you can improve your writing skills.

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