The corrugated boxes are made up of thick sheet layers instead of a single layer. Whereas the cardboard box consist of only single layer. Inside liner, outside line and a medium are the three layers present in the corrugated box. The material used to make it is one of the most recyclable materials. So to have this box one can contact the packaging material manufacturers in Chennai.


Benefits of using the corrugated box are

  • Maximum protection
  • Easy to customize
  • Cost effective and sustainable
  • Great for branding
  • Biodegradable
  • Light weight
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Flexibility

Maximum protection

When comparing to the normal boxes the corrugated boxes are much stronger. For any product which is kept in the box it will provide a stable cushion during shipments. The size and the thickness of the box can vary according to the preference of the customer. This is used to keep the moisture and to avoid the presence of bacteria in the product. Using this for the food material which takes a long period of time for shipping.

Easy to customize

According to the requirements of the customer the customization of the thickness and the size of the box can be done.

Cost effective and sustainable

If a person wants an inexpensive packaging box then one can easily choose the corrugated box. Manufacturing the corrugated box does not require costly machines and it will also require less manual labour. However it is easy to recycle the corrugated box.


Using the corrugated box one customizes the brand’s name in it to publicize the brand. One can easily customize the name in a way to show its professionalism and with which it can attract the customer. When the box is given a personal touch which will help in earning the loyalty of the customer and with which they will consider visiting again.


Seventy to hundred percent recycled material is used for manufacturing of the corrugated boxes. Making it, one of the most eco friendly packaging materials. As the manufacturer does not use bleaches and dyes so it makes the corrugated box easy to recycle, reuse and dispose of it.

Light weight

While shipping a product they consider the weight of it when calculating money. Using the corrugated box is advantageous in this situation as these are light weight and are also strong. There is no need to compromise on the product when using the box.

Recyclable and reusable

One of the main quality is the storing of the box is easy and so makes the reusing possible. Recycling process is easy as the manufacturer does not use any kind of dyes . The manufacturing of the product is by using the most recyclable materials.


The customization of corrugated box can be done according to needs of the customers. For the protection of the material one can easily add single, two and triple walled according to the product in it. It is easy to pack all types of material due to its flexibility. It is one of the most flexible box available in the market.

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