What is Javascript & What is it used for?

What is Javascript & What is it used for?

One of the lightweight scripting languages used to build interactive web pages is Javascript. The purpose of designing javascript is to script the web pages in a proper structure. This is one of the interpreted programming languages which is in demand in the IT sector. To learn about Javascript in-depth, enrolling on Angularjs Training in Bangalore will be very helpful.

This is an interpreted full-fledged programming language that enables the developers to make dynamic interactive websites when applied to an HTML document.

Why Javascript?

This JavaScript helps the developer create and build dynamic web applications and pages without interacting directly or reloading the page. This is mainly used for modifying the HTML contents. No websites are built using without the presence of Javascript. Validation is one of the critical processes while creating a webpage, and for this, Javascript is used.

Uses of JavaScript :

This scripting language provides numerous benefits for programmers in the IT industry. We will look one by one below.

1.Web Applications :

At present, we can able to see the constant growth in the browsers. So this language got famous among developers for making robust applications. One of the current examples of this is Google Maps. Here the user will click and drag the mouse. We can able to get the details just by clicking it. Behind these concepts, there is a skillful Javascript developer. To work as a web designer, Javascript knowledge is required. For that getting into Angular Training In Bangalore will be helpful.

2.Web Development :

The web pages are typically created using Javascript. This helps in adding dynamic behaviour to a webpage and also some special effects. But this is mainly used for user validation on a web page. This helps in executing complex actions and creates an interaction of websites with the help of visitors. Loading the content in a document without reloading a webpage is possible.

3.Games :

A developer can able to create Games with this language. This contains more libraries and frameworks for creating an attractive game. They can be either 2D or 3D.PhysicsJs and Pixi.JS are some of the popular game engines today. Javascript knowledge is required if you want to work as a game designer. For that, you can sharpen your knowledge by doing a certification on Angular Course In Bangalore.

4.Server Applications :

Every web applications have a server-side in them. Here Javascript is used to Handle HTTP requests and also to generate content. They can able to run on servers through NodeJS. This provides an environment which contains the necessary tools that are required for Javascript to run on the servers.

Conclusion :

So after reading this blog, we would have got some ideas on Javascript and how they are used. You must be knowledgeable in Javascript if you wish to work as an Angular Programmer. To sharpen your knowledge, getting into training on Angular at FITA Academy will be helpful. Here they also provide AngularJS Tutorial for beginners to learn quickly.

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