PHP is the most popular server side language for building websites and web applications. PHP is a scripting language that gets interpreted by a web server such as Apache and can be embedded in HTML, then rendered on the server. On the other side, AngularJS is a JavaScript framework created by Google that allows you to build client side web applications following a structured approach. It allows you to use plain HTML for writing templates and extend it by writing components or directives that can be used as custom HTML tags. AngularJS is a powerful framework that makes use of a variation of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It allows developers to use the plain old HTML to build the user interface or the view and extend HTML itself by writing custom tags, that can be used just like normal tags, Angularjs Training in Chennai helps on using directives which results that AngularJS encourages code re-use and Don’t repeat Yourself (DRY) concepts since you can write directives once.

Angular and PHP are very simple for web developers that are just starting to get a feel for web development and they are surprisingly many in number. In time they will likely develop other opinions as they come across new technologies and opinionated communities, but until then this remains one of the easiest front-end/back-end pairings, short of just removing Angular altogether in favor of pure HTML/JS. 

AngularJS- Frontend

Using AngularJS is good for code reuse and code organization. It enforces use of design patterns such as MVC, factories, and services. The only drawback of AngularJS is that if you are used to jQuery and other fronted frameworks, it might be hard to get used to the paradigms that AngularJS introduces to the front-end world.

PHP- Backend

 PHP, on the other hand, is a back-end language which is used to handle requests from the client side. Many have noted that AngularJS is a front-end framework and PHP is a back-end programming language.  You will be learning the reasons in depth in PHP Training in Chennai. AWS Training in Chennai and DevOps Training in Chennai teaches how PHP applications use AWS and devops techniques. The reason many websites are built using this particular combination is because,

  • It is easy that many of the simple tasks in Angular are backed directly into HTML, which even budding web developers are forced to learn the markup language.
  • It is cheap and windows accessible that many newer web developers haven’t made the leap to Mac. 

Even though many languages and courses are evolving in the day to day IT industry, Java, Python and Dot Net holds a separate place in a programmer’s heart,due to its features. Java Training in Chennai , Python Training in Chennai and Dot Net Training in Chennai  is high demand courses in all Training institutes.

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